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His Excellency Dr. Mario Aguer Hortal's picture
  • Censor de la Junta de Gobierno
  • Member of the 4th Section
  • Vocal de la Comisión de Hacienda
  • Vocal de la Comisión de Gobierno Interior
  • Vocal de la Comisión de Admisiones
  • Vocal

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Virtual business within the framework of the society of information


His Excellency Dr. Fernando Casado Juan

Curriculum Vitae

(Gerona, 1935). Doctor and Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Barcelona. Industrial Engineer at the Industrial Technical Engineering School of Barcelona. Commercial Administrator. Professor of the EUITIB-UPC. Director of the CEURA Centre – Ramón Areces (El Corte Inglés) of Barcelona. Member of the research team for 4 important projects financed by Official Bodies. Author and Co-Author of 23 books on Business Administration, Virtual Organisations, Cooperativism, Business Valuation, Hydrogen and Renewable Power Supplies, two dictionaries on business and economic terminology and innumerable articles on his specialisation. Director of 46 projects and doctoral theses. His scientific career has led him to giving several courses and seminars on business organisation and management, marketing, quality control, etc. He is an honorary member of the “Associació d’Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de Barcelona” and permanent member of the “Societat Internacional de Gestió I Economia Fuzzy”. He is the President of the Catalan Hydrogen Association.

Actividades del Curso Académico 2013-2014
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