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Ilmo. Sr. Dr. D. Korkmaz Imanov

Curriculum Vitae

(Baku, 1941). He received PhD degree in 1968 and Doctorate in 1975 from Central Economic Mathematics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Moscow). He is a professor and head of Fuzzy Economics department of Control Systems Institute of the National Academy of Sciences Of Azerbaijan. Laureate Azerbaijan State Prize in the field of science in 1984. Laureate Academician  N. Fedorenko International  Scientific Foundation of Economic Research (2015). Foreign member Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences. Honorory member of European Superior Council of Doctors.

Key qualifications:

  • Analyses, Forecasting and Modeling of the Socio-Economic System;
  • Uncertainty and Fuzzy problems of the Socio-Economic System.

He is author of the 200 articles and books on economy and modeling of the socio-economic processes. Main books and articles:

  • Azerbaijan. Chapter in Economic consequences of Soviet Disintegration, Washington, D.C. Institute For international economics, 1993.
  • The fuzzy approach to estimation of the index of population life quality. Fuzzy Economic Review, Volume XII, Number 2, 2007, pp. 85-93 (eng).
  • Fuzzy models of the sustainable development assessment. Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences of the Spain Santiago De Compostela, 2008, pp. 39-51 (eng).
  • Problems uncertainty and fuzzy modeling of the socioeconomic system, Anales del Curso Academico 2007-2008, Tomo XXX, R.A.C.E.F, Barcelona 2009, pp. 153-168 (eng).
  • Nuevos Mercados Para La Recuperacion Economica: Azerbaiyan, Edited by Presidente de Honor: Finn E.Kydland, R.A.C.E.F, Barcelona 2011, 338 p. (spanish).
  • Fuzzy models estimation of quality of the social system. Lumbert Academic Publishing. 2013, 60 p.
  • Fuzzy Model for Analysis and Forecasting of Financial Stability, Chapter 4 -  Soft-Computing in Capital Market, Brown Walker Press Boca Raton,  Ed.Ibendu Kumar Mantri Florida, USA, 2014,57-69 pp.
  • Forecasting of oil and gas extraction in Azerbaijan on the basis of Hubbert’s model, The Journal of Economic Sciences: Theory and Practice, Azerbaijan State University of Economy, year 20, volume 71, January-June 2014, Baku, Azerbaijan, 40-51 pp.
  • First order fuzzy forecasting model for calculation of volume of expenses for protection of the natural environment, Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Vol.24, No.2, 2014, Japan,, 215 - 222pp.
  • Economy and society, Eserp, School of Business and Social Sciences, Scientific Collection of Economic, Legal and Social Sciences, Barcelona, Spain, 2015, 140 p.

CV detallado
Actividades del Curso Académico 2013-2014
Actividades del Curso Académico 2014-2015
Actividades del Curso Académico 2015-2016
Actividades del Curso Académico 2016-2017


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