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His Excellency Dr. José Juan Pintó Ruiz

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His Excellency Dr. Laureano López Rodó

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Curriculum Vitae

(Barcelona, 1927). José Juan Pintó Ruiz earned his Law Degree, which included an Extraordinary Award, obtaining ten years later a cum laude Doctorate in Law. He was Dean of the Barcelona Bar Association from 1978 to 1982, when he became President of La Caixa de Barcelona, a position he held for eight years. Within that period he was also President of the Jurisprudence and Legislation Academy (1984-1988), of the Spanish Association of Savings Banks (1988-1989) and of AUCAT (1989). When he handed over the chairmanship of La Caixa in 1990, he was appointed its Co-president for a year. He later became President of La Caixa Foundation (1992-2003), First Vice-Chairman of La Caixa (1993-2003), President of Caixabank (1993-1997) and President of Banco De Europa, a member of La Caixa Group (1997-2003). He has also been Vice-Chairman of the General Council of Spanish Advocates (1978-1982).
Mr. Pintó is a member of the Doctors’ Academy since 1970, of the Catalonia Jurisprudence and Legislation Academy since 1967, of the Royal Academy of Finance and Economy since 1991 and of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation since 1999. He has been a member of the Studies Board of the Duran I Bas Chair of Civil Law of Catalonia, a Magistrate of Mitra de Andorra High Court, a member of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Advisory Legal Committee and a member of the Editorial Board of Revista Jurídica de Catalunya (Catalonia Legal Publication). Currently, he is Honorary Chairman of La Caixa’s Microbank Managing Board and Honorary Chairman of ISDE (Law and Finance Institute), as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the magazine Economist & Jurist.
In recognition of his outstanding career, he has been awarded the Cross of Honour of San Ramon de Penyafort, of the San Raimundo de Peñafort Order, by the Ministry of Justice, Spanish Government (1990); the Cross of Merit for Advocates of the General Council of Spanish Advocates (2002); the Cross of Sant Jordi awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia (1999); Cross of Merit, silver award, by Guardia Civil, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Spanish Government (2011), Golden Medal of Ramón Llull University (2011) and Puig Salellas Prize (third Edition), awarded by the Bar of Notaries of Barcelona (2011).
In 1903, his father José Pintó Badals founded the Pintó Badals Law Firm, which he took over in 1949. The firm became Bufete Pintó Ruiz, S.L. in 1996 and its merger with Del Valle Abogados in 1990 gave rise to Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle, of which Mr. Pintó is founding partner.
Mr. Pintó is particularly renowned in the field of Catalonian Civil Law and its different professional, academic and scientific aspects, and is unanimously recognized as one of the most distinguished contemporary Catalonian jurists. Also noteworthy is his court and out-of-court performance, as well as his role in alternative settlement of disputes, mainly as an arbitrator. He is also author of many case and monographic studies.
Cross of Honour of San Raimundo de Peñafort (Ministry of Justice, Spain).
Cross of Merit in the Service of the Legal Profession of the General Council of the Spanish Bar Association.
Cross of Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Cross of the Order of Merit of Guardia Civil, silver. Awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Gold medal. Universitat Ramón Llull.
Puig Salellas Prize (3rd edition), awarded by the Catalonia Bar of Notaries. Distinguished by Best Lawyers (2012 to 2017) as one of the best corporate lawyers in the areas of litigation, and trusts and estates in Spain.

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