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His Excellency Dr. José Antonio Redondo López

His Excellency Dr. José Antonio Redondo López's picture
  • Presidente de la Sección Segunda del Órgano Asesor
  • Presidente de la Sección 2ª
  • Presidente de la Comisión de Publicaciones

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El ámbito financiero de las políticas públicas de vivienda: la necesaria convergencia en Europa


His Excellency Dr. Francisco Javier Maqueda Lafuente

Curriculum Vitae

(Lugo, 1951). Doctor in Economic Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela with Extraordinary Prize and Professor of Financial Economy at this same University, Assistant Researcher at the University of California (San Diego), Director General of the Instituto Galego da Vivenda e Solo [Galician Institute for Housing and Land), Member of the Board of IGAPE, Member of the Board of Directors of Xestur Coruña and Xestur Lugo, Member of the Council for the Promotion of Equalities of Men and Women, Member of the Statistics Council, Member of the Real Academia de Ciencias Económicas y Financieras, Member of the Franco-Spanish working group for financial analysis, Member of the American Finance Association. He has held the following teaching positions: Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Constituent Director of the Department of Financial Economy and Accounting. Co-Director of the Masters course at the Institute for the Development of Galicia. As his teaching experience the following should be highlighted: Teaching in Business Economy: Investment and Financing. Teaching in Business Economy: Introduction. Teaching in the Theory of Financial Investment. Responsible for the area of finances for the following Masters Courses: Business Management at the Central University of the Basque Country, Masters Course in Management of Agrarian Cooperatives at the University of Santiago, Masters Course in Management of the Small and Medium Sized Business at the University of Santiago, Masters Course in Local Development Agents at the Institute for the Development of Galicia. He has published the following books: “Introduction to business finance”; “Multivalent Logic: The selection of portfolios in uncertainty”; “Models for Analysis and Valuation of Investment Projects (Modeleva)”; and articles: “Financial Marketing”; awarded at the competition of the Marketing executives Club. “Business faced by the futures market”: “Dividends in business”; “Certain considerations on the size, profitability and growth in business”; “The options market”; “Blade I Model for the selection of Investments”; “Blade II for selection of Investments”; “The reform of the Stock Exchange in Spain”; “Multidimensional fuzzy model , an application to finances”: “The selection of portfolios in uncertainty”; “Credits and credit entities: analysis of the triple segmentation in the evaluation of financial reports”; “The model of single index under fuzzy regression””. He has participated in the following research projects: “Analysis of the efficiency of the stock exchange market”; Development of an expert system for the analysis and valuation of Investment Projects”; “Risk Capital”: Financed by the Government of Galicia.

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