Ricardo Fornesa is awarded the gold Medal for Merit in Work.

Academician of the Real Academy de Ciencias Económicas y Financieras (RACEF) Ricardo Fornesa today was awarded in Barcelona by the Minister of Work and Immigration Celestino Corbacho the gold medal for Merit in Work, granted by the Cabinet. A recognition which, as is indicated in the Rules for its granting, “awards and highlights the merit of a conduct that is socially useful and exemplary in the carrying out of the obligations that are imposed by the exercise of any kind of work, profession or service”.

Fornesa is a Law graduate, commercial administrator and State Attorney on extended leave of absence. He currently is President of SegurCaixa Holding and Vidacaixa, is a Director of Abertis and patron and Vice-President of the la Caixa Foundation. He is also Honorary President of la Caixa, of Criteria CaixaCorp and of Agbar.

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