The Nobel Eric Maskin joins the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences of Spain

Eric Maskin has joined this evening the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences of Spain (RACEF) as Corresponding Academician for The United States a session presided by Ernest Benach, President of the Parliament of Catalonia. The new Academician has read the speech "Mechanism Desing: how to implement social goals", where he has introduced the applications of his theory of design of mechanisms which cost the Nobel prize of Economy in 2007. The answer has been chargeable to Jaime Gil Aluja, RACEF's President. The Solemn Session has inaugurated the academic course 2009-2010.

Before, the prestigious American economist has offered a conference in the Parliament of Catalonia in members' presence of the Executive and parliamentary Catalans, where he has presented his theory and his applications, between which they emphasize the auction of rights of pollution of the energetic companies in Scotland that applies successfully the British Government or the design of an international agreement of reduction of emissions. Connoisseur of the economic Spanish reality, Maskin has showed his doubts brings over of the raise of taxes that the Government projects. "I do not believe that it is a good idea in a moment in which Spain happens for a deep recession - there declared the Academician Corresponding to diverse means of communication-. The logic indicates that when there is minor production and minor I consume, the public power must do the possible thing for promoting them. The Spanish Government must have very good arguments, which I do not know, to adopt this measure".

Maskin graduated in Mathematics for Harvard's University in 1972, He is Conferred a doctor's degree in Mathematics Applied in 1976 and Master for the University of Cambridge in 1977. From 2000 he is a teacher of Social Sciences in Princeton's University, where he lives the one that was An Albert Einstein's residence.


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