Admission of Her Excellency Dr. Janine Delruelle-Ghobert as Corresponding Academy Member for Belgium

Baroness Delruelle, Janine Delruelle-Ghobert, officer of the Royal Court of Belgium and magistrate of the Constitutional Court of her country where she was also a member of parliament and senate; in her acceptance speech, after mentioning the differences between states that are governed by a single chamber system and those that maintain the two house system, Delruelle defended the latter model, both for its “effective legislative control function” that is exercised by the upper houses as well as for their territorial representation in federal states.

This speech was made precisely before the president of the Spanish Senate, Javier Rojo, who presided over the acceptance act alongside the President of the RACEF, Jaime Gil Aluja. Also present were Belgian Senator Phillipe Monfils, Belgian parliamentary member Olivier Hamal and the Belgian Ambassador to Spain, Claude Rijmenans, as well as the academiciens of the Royal Corporation.

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