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Foreign Corresponding Academicians

The Foreign Corresponding Academicians, up to a maximum number of one hundred, constitute a vast network of scientific connections with the Royal Corporation with no geographical, cultural nor linguistic limits. In this way, the Academy is present in the major forums of scientific discussion on Economy and Finance.

His Excellency Dr. Aarnout Alexander Loudon's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Netherlands
His Excellency Dr. Daniel Cardon De Lichtbuer's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Belgium
The Honourable Dr. Juergen B. Donges's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Germany
The Honourable Dr. Viktor V. Krasnoproshin's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Bielorrusia
His Excellency Mr. José Daniel Gubert's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Switzerland
His Excellency Dr. André Azoulay's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Marrocco
His Excellency Dr. Giancarlo Elia Valori's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Italy
His Excellency Dr. Alessandro Bianchi's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Italy
The Honourable Dr. Adberraouf Mahbouli's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Tunisia
His Excellency Dr. Mugur Isarescu's picture
Date of Entry:
Corresponding for: Romania


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