Multiculturalidad, Interculturalidad, Derechos Humanos y de Cómo Evitar el Choque de Culturas y Civilizaciones


This research brings together a blend of academic research, theory and practical applications, for the benefit of the common public good in dealing with issues that are current, relevant and thought-provoking. To work for the public benefit should be an objective that is taken into account in any social scientific endeavor. It can be described as ‘the fruit of a growing concern for the immigration phenomenon and its causes and its consequences – in the short, medium and long-term – in many diverse areas and spheres of social life, such as the social, economic, educational, political, and mass media.’ Any contribution to this problem of immigration and related issues of multiculturalism – any contribution at all – that can help to solve it – even if it is in only a small way – is well worth the effort. This is an effort of years, which has finally seen the light in the form of my speech for the Real Academia de Ciencias Económicas y Financieras of Spain. One possible limitation that may be derived from the affirmation given above, is the rapid and dizzying rate of change in today’s society. Contending and coping with that pace of change results in myriad implications for the many different facets of the immigration phenomenon and, therefore, makes it impossible for us to give a single and final finished solution to the problem, even in just one of its many facets.

Fundamentally, the contribution made in this research is a Public Relations and Marketing Method – MMPS – that helps us to explain (while noting that understanding a phenomenon is the first and basic weapon to solve an economic and social problem) – to society in general and to politicians in particular, what the phenomenon consists of; how to welcome it with understanding, interest and enthusiasm: until we are ready in our society to try to see it not as a problem but as an opportunity for social, cultural, economic and personal enrichment.

Spain was chosen as the practical example for our field study and its application, as our country has became meeting-point where we may encounter many different cultures and civilizations in Southern Europe. This work has enabled us to verify the effectiveness of our chosen method. This method – MMPS – is equally applicable to any contemporary society, always bearing in mind the necessary precautions and modifications to contextualize any application of it that could and should be made of the methodology and its particular approach.

The research starts by describing the two theoretical fields that support it. First, is multiculturalism - its models, the social reality on which it is based, and the many options for the future. Second is the work and practice of Public Relations, its fundamental axioms and principles, and the particular elements that directly support our method. Finally, the MMPS model is presented and its practical implementation described and analyzed, with a full description of the results, benefits and its limitations.

KEYWORDS: Multiculturalism, Human Rights, Immigration, Public Relations, Cultures, Civilizations, Economy, Social.

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