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His Excellency Dr. Finn E. Kydland

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Quantitative aggregate theory


His Excellency Dr. Jaime Gil Aluja

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Finn Erling Kydland (Algard, Norway, 1943). He is a Norwegian economist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2004, in conjunction with Edward C. Prescott, “for his contributions to dynamic Macro-Economy: consistence in the time of economic policy and the forces that drive the economic cycle”. He is Professor of Economy at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He previously taught at the Tepper School of Business of the Carnegie Mellon University.
Kydland grew up as the eldest of six brothers in the family farm in Soyland Gjesdal. He recalls having had a liberal education as his parents did not impose to many limits. During his secondary school years Finn became interested in mathematics and economy after having taken over the accounts of the farm of some friends of his parents. He graduated from the Norwegian School of Economy (NHH) in 1968 and became a Doctor of Economy at the Carnegie Mellon University in 1973, with a thesis on Decentralised Macro-economic Planning. After his doctorate in 1978 he was taken on by Carnegie Mellon as an associate Professor. He has lived in the United States since then.
Kydland’s fields of specialisations are general and political economy. His main areas in teaching and of interest are economic cycles, monetary policies and economy of work. He worked at Carnegie Mellon from 1977 to the 1st of July 2004 when he was contracted by the University of California, Santa Barbara, He is also assistant Professor of NHH in Norway, Professor “Honoris Causa” for the Torcuato Di tella University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and associate advisor for research at the Federal Reserve Bank of the Unites States of America in Dallas, Minneapolis and Cleveland.
Apart from his work he has a very profound interest in blues music and in sports such as football (his favourite team is Boca Juniors) and in athletics, having run the marathon four times. He also very much likes to make long treks on his motor bike.

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