Errores recurrentes en el origen de las crisis y nuevas bases para el bienestar social sostenible


Most of the euro countries are trapped in a recession or depression in the economic cycle; this is why we have proposed a comprehensive study of the causes that triggered the crisis, in order to detect those mistakes that are found at the start of the recession.
Right from the start we find that the origins of the crisis were wrongly diagnosed and as long as the research progressed we demonstrate that those were recurrent mistakes. So now we need to rethink the study of these primary causes of the shift in the economic cycle to rethink the theoretical foundations of the actions of government officials who, time and again, have failed in their fight to prevent falling into recession.
The classic use of mechanistic models in evolutionary context has been, in all cases, responsible for the negative results of the measures undertaken.
Another fundamental error and in the struggle for change in cycle phases has been the lack of "finesse" in the investigation that has led to the inclusion in the same group for the same treatment both the causes and effects of the crisis.
The correct aggregation of causes on the one hand and the effects on the other, will introduce us to the heart of our work: the forgotten effects theory. From this theory it is possible to determine, without error or omission, everyone, absolutely everyone of the cumulative harmful effects of first and second generation. It can thus determine where to focus efforts to effectively combat the crisis. And recover, too, those effects that ultimately may be important and which often the human mind is not capable of detecting: the forgotten effects.
A final note in conclusion brings us to the depths of the human spirit to wonder about the reason which would explain the misconduct of negative agents in social activity of nations. And only one answer reflects the drama of so many broken families: our society is undergoing a crisis of humanism.

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